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How Blade & Rose Used Vop to Run a TikTok Hashtag Challenge

The Brand

This is how a children’s clothing brand went from no TikTok presence to a successful hashtag campaign challenge with over 610K views for the hashtag #BladeAndRoseChallenge on the platform.Blade & Rose is a leading British baby and childrenswear clothing brand that specializes in a range of trendy leggings and accessories. They currently sell through their online store and have expanded in-stores all over the world including Germany, Japan, USA, and more. In this case study, we’ll show how this Shopify Plus clothing store used Vop to kickstart their TikTok presence by starting a hashtag challenge and even using one of their TikTok videos for a Facebook ad with a 400% increase in traffic on their website.


With the increase of parents and older demographics going on TikTok, Blade & Rose knew that they needed to jump on the platform in order to reach a greater audience beyond their Instagram page with over 49.3k followers. However, they didn’t have any content or following when they started using TikTok. Knowing what videos to put out on TikTok can be challenging for first-time social media marketing managers who haven’t experimented on the platform yet. With a niche target audience, there aren’t many examples for current brands in the same space Blade & Rose is in. However, this means that they are able to be one of the first ones to adopt TikTok which can be a huge benefit against their competitors.


With the lack of content, they decided to launch a hashtag challenge using Vop in order to source content from their customers. The people who use the app are oftentimes the ones that know how to create the best content since they are the ones engaging with videos they find entertaining. Blade & Rose started the campaign by giving away a generous incentive of £300 in-store credit and allowed those who entered to take on full creative direction with their TikToks as long as it included their toddler which aligns with their branding. Currently, the giveaway is still going on and they have already received hundreds of submissions using the #BladeAndRoseChallenge. Not only does it allow them to now have content for their account and shoppable TikTok feed on their website, but they also received brand awareness thanks to the parent’s that entered the giveaway and posted on their own accounts.


With the successful launch of the hashtag campaign, they now have tons of videos to use on their website that can be used with their Vop Shoppable TikTok feed. That allows customers to get a better ecommerce shopping experience. https://bladeandrose.co.uk/pages/tiktok-shop

Starting a Hashtag Challenge

If you’re a brand looking to start a hashtag challenge, here are a few things to consider in order to launch a successful campaign.
What do you wanna take away from it?
It’s important to have a goal in mind before launching a challenge. There are many reasons why a brand would want to do this. For example: brand awareness, content sourcing, increase in engagement, etc. It is easier to run a challenge if you have a clear vision.
Have a good incentive in order to gain interest in entering your challenge.
Creating a TikTok video can take anywhere from just 5 minutes to 2 hours. Make it worth people’s time! The better prize, the more someone will work on their submission which results in quality work.

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